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How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

Avoid Inheritance Tax – instantly, legally, & risk free

Right now in the UK, tax avoidance is all over the media. To hear the Media tell it, avoidance and evasion are basically the same thing – but of course they aren’t.

Don’t let HMRC Destroy your legacy!

There are two ways you can prevent this:

First, you can use a risk-free Inheritance Tax Planning Method. They are risk-free because if for some reason they failed at a later date, the Insurance Policy from one of the Largest Insurance Underwriters in the world would pay back your fees. This underwriter has used the same policy for the last 22 years and if HMRC had a reason to attack it by now, they would have, hence they are happy to insure your risk. Here is also no 7 year rule, it works instantly!

Second, you can try to cheat them – and they’ll catch you, just like they have countless others who thought they could defraud the system.

Here’s a piece of advice from The Tax Experts, something we take very seriously: never, ever try to cheat HMRC. Always make sure everything you do is legal and declared. Always! There are no grey areas.

Always pay what you have to pay. But not one penny more!

Inheritance tax planning is actually fairly simple, as are the vehicles which can reduce your Inheritance Tax rate to Zero, instantly!

Obviously if you don’t leave an estate, there’s nothing for the government to tax. That doesn’t mean liquidating all your assets and burying a can of cash – most people achieve this by buying their assets directly into trusts or other structures over time, such that they effectively “own nothing” at the time of their death. This requires forward planning and also means that you will lose some of the direct control of your assets, which many people do not feel comfortable with.

It’s also possible to do this quickly, later in life after you have already purchased your assets in your own name. Ordinarily to transfer assets to a tax-free structure at a later date would incur taxes in the form of Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty. However, with our preferred inheritance tax planning method, this is not the case, believe it or not! This method has been used in the UK for literally hundreds of years by people like you to ensure their children receive the full benefit of their life’s labour. Why not you?

Another legal Inheritance Tax Planning Method is to create a charge (or secure a debt) against your estate for its full net value. This can be accomplished quickly and easily – as long as you’re alive, it’s never too late to ensure your legacy lives on in full with those you cherish most. One slight draw back with this method is that over time the value of your estate will increase, meaning the longer you live, the greater your exposure to inheritance tax. Recent legislation has made this more challenging but not impossible to do.

Who should enjoy your estate – Your Heirs or the Government?

If there’s ever been an easy question, that’s it. But sometimes the solutions aren’t as obvious as they seem, and if you’re not careful you could end up with a tax bill that looks more like a book… maybe even one that’s being thrown at you.

HMRC is going to take everything they can get, but you don’t have to give them everything you’ve got. You have options. If your estate is valued at £1 million or more, we can help you explore them. So call us now on 0845 052 3787 or email us on enq@thetaxexperts.co.uk, NOW!

The Benefits and Features of Our Main Inheritance Tax Planning Method are:


  1.  Eliminates Inheritance Tax
  2. There is NO 7 YEAR Rule, You will avoid Inheritance Tax Immediately!
  3. You retain 100% FULL CONTROL of your assets and the income from them.
  4. Your heirs will enjoy your assets 100% tax-free as well – no UK taxation on any assets, even those producing income like rents. The method will also not change the title or the lending on the property.
  5. Your Heirs will also be able to pass on their assets Inheritance Tax-free to their heirs as well – Secure your legacy!
  6. Strong Asset Protection – A highly beneficial side benefit of this method
  7. Reasonably priced.
  8. All aspects of method proven in Court
  9. You Control your assets – not a Trustee.
  10. Can shelter any assets from all UK Inheritance Tax.
  11. Legal Opinion of the Planning method by one of the Top 5 Tax QC’s in the country, Robert Venables, QC Click here for more information on Robert Venables, QC.


  1.  15,000 people in the UK currently using it
  2. Been successfully employed by us for 25 years and used extensively by UK tax payers for several hundred years.3Has Insurance Policy built into the fee structure
  3. Works off a very simple and easy to understand structure.
  4. Your money never leaves the UK.
  5. Full disclosure to HMRC.

You’ll find more information about UK tax Planning Methods on The Tax Experts website – and if you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation to get specific answers,  please ring us at 0845 052 3787 or complete the brief form below to request a callback at your convenience.




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