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How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

How to Avoid Inheritance Tax legally is simple and will save you and your family £100’s of thousands or even millions of pounds in tax. Some say that there are only 2 sure things in Life, “Death and Taxes” – we would differ with that and say that there is only one sure thing in life as Inheritance Tax is optional. So, why pay it if you legally don’t have to? The Tax Experts are experts in how to avoid inheritance tax and it is our pleasure to show you too.

At the time of your death it is heart breaking for your already distraught children to then have to sell your home and property, which they will have happy memories of, to pay the 40% Inheritance tax. This is why you need to plan with the end in mind. This may sound Ghoulish but it is the best possible advice we can give you. The tax guide that is shown below “How to Avoid Inheritance Tax” will give you the best tactical planning that to take advantage of current legislation in order for you to learn and then practice how to avoid inheritance tax. If you need some more bespoke advice or methods that will save even more inheritance tax, call us NOW!

Inheritance Tax Planning

In simplistic terms there are only 2 ways to avoid Inheritance tax. The first way is to own nothing at all. This way there is no estate for the Government to tax. This is achieved by buying your assets into trusts and other structures so that at the time of your death, there is no estate for the Government to tax and your beneficiaries will receive the full benefit of you life’s work. This can be achieved later in life too but entails more work but your children will be the ones to benefit from you learning how to avoid inheritance tax and be grateful for it.

The second way how to avoid inheritance tax is to establish and grow your estate in the manner that most people do throughout their lives. Then if you were to have a charge against your estate or a debt secured against your estate to the value of the entire estate, this would also mean that at the time of your death, there will be no estate to tax. This sort of inheritance tax planning can be even conducted on the “death bed” so it is never too late in life to seek the answer to how to avoid inheritance tax.

Both these methods of how to avoid inheritance tax work very well but a genuine charge or debt against the estate is certainly a sound way of how to avoid inheritance tax as it is less likely to be caught out by inheritance tax legislation changing at a later date.

Qualification: Your Estate needs to be valued at over £1 Million Pounds for us to assist you.

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Understanding How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

If you would like to understand the subject of how to avoid inheritance tax better, we would suggest this is a good idea because it is always good to have background knowledge when employing an expert for any task. We would therefore encourage you to read this excellent guide on how to avoid inheritance tax, which is inexpensive, easy to read because it is written for the Layman, has numerous examples and is entirely up to date for the current tax year. Please click on the photo for more information on this tax guide.

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